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Mitra Marriages has been formed after identifying a strong need for an institution that takes its services to All Classes of the society at affordable prices because marriages happen between two like-minded families, a rich person may find a right match in a Middle-Class family and a person may not have caste limitations, we create a platform for people to choose from different options. We are "Mitra Marriages Pvt Ltd" is an online and offline Matrimonial Service Provider, having its Head Office in Hyderabad, provides services for all the communities in India. We started Mitra Marriages to build a large network by taking our services to every Town and Village of India. We believe A Marriage brings a lifetime Happiness in Two families and we strive to bring happiness in our customers' lives.

Mitra Exclusive Range of Services

Primary Verification of details

We understand that in an institution like marriage, there should be no scope for false information. We expect our customers to be transparent with the information they give in their profile. Once Bride and Groom see each other and make a decision to go for Marriage they can avail the Verification Service. We do a primary verification of 5 things I) Identity II) Caste III) Education IV) Job / Business and v) Income so people can trust the information they see in the profiles and can choose confidently.

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My Home Mitra

A House is designed for Bride and Groom to see each other with their respective families for discussions, once a decision is made they can continue the process at their respective homes. This service is introduced to give privacy and avoid the discomfort to families from hosting families too many times in the process of Match Making. Please call us to plan a meeting, once a plan is made you can have access to My Home Mitra as per the schedule.

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We are affordable for all classes

Ours is a society Friendly Matrimony and our service is for all classes, families belonging to any class can afford our services with ease. We believe that marriages should happen between two like-minded families, be it poor or rich. Rich people not always look for a rich Bride / Groom, they look for the right family, be it poor. The only thing which matters in a marriage is a perfect match because

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Mitra Offline Services

We at Mitra Marriages provide Offline Services along with the Online Services for those who cannot use the internet, families choosing offline service can visit our office or send us details through Whatsapp to create a profile and we will send suitable matches. We inform your interests to the families and we mediate till you find the right match.

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Mitra Parichaya Vedika

"Parichaya Vedika" is the most effective traditional practice organized by us where multiple Brides and Grooms along with families belonging to One Community attend the event, introduce themselves and share their interests. We believe that meeting with families helps you know them better and that helps you in finding a perfect match. Thats how the chances of finding the right match become higher.

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